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For a phone number directory of city services and local utilities and some businesses CLICK HERE

Douglas Acres Neighborhood Association publishes a regularly distributed newsletter to the area.  This newsletter is distributed by email, by post office mail, and on this website in the left column.  If you have information to be included in the newsletter or want your email address added to the mailing list simply send an email to >> .

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DANA Neighborhood Meeting

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 The 2020 Meeting Calendar Is HERE

The 2020 SCRUB Calendar is HERE



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Free Flicks is a summer series of outdoor movies in neighborhood parks. The films will be shown on a 25-foot portable screen and begin after sunset. Sunset varies from 8:35 to 8:55 pm. Admission is free, and blankets and lawn chairs are encouraged. People are free to bring their own snacks as concessions will not be available for purchase.

Movies will not take place in the event of rain. Please check the Des Moines Parks and Recreation Facebook and Twitter for updates. Here is the schedule.

***** BYLAWS UPDATE *****
The Douglas Acres Neighborhood Association Board of Directors is considering a
proposal to update the Association's Bylaws. See the proposed changes here.
To become final the changes will need approval by a vote of the members at a future meeting.
Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please email


As the holiday days are around the corner I want to wish everyone of you and your family along with all of your community members a very happy holiday season.  Just a reminder to all of you that winter season is a burglary season due to a lot of people are travelling at this kind of time. Please take extra time to lock up all your doors, lock all your windows, lock all car doors, take all your car keys with you while on vacation (in case your house got break-in, the bad people don't have extra transportation to take all of your personal belongings with them), turn on alarm system, put your address on vacation watch (by calling 283-4811), turn on front and back porch lights on, have good neighbors watch your house while you are gone, and pack extra supplies such as water, food, flash lights, blankets as you travelling.
Thank you for all of your support and helping to make our city a better place to live. Happy Holiday to all of you.
Sgt. Doua Lor #4898
Asian Outreach Resource Officer
Neighborhood Base Services Delivery
Des Moines Police Department
25 E. 1st Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Cell Phone (515) 971-0792


Move all valuable items in the car out of sight such as GPS, purse, package, radar detector, and etc.

  Dont leave a running car unattended in the street or drive way.

Lock all car doors and roll up all windows. 

  Dont leave your keys in the car.  (Even if the car is in the garage.)

Let GOOD NEIGHBORS know you are gone for extended periods of time and advise them to contact the
police when they see suspicious activity.

Try to have packages and mail picked up by family or trustworthy neighbors so they are not piling up on the porch.

Arrange to have garbage containers moved to the street and picked up if you are gone on garbage day.

Have adequate lights around the house and close all blinds/curtains so valuable items cant be seen in plain view.

If you have a security alarm system, PLEASE USE IT. 

Record make, model and serial numbers of your property.

Take pictures of jewelry and other items that do not have serial numbers.

  When you see people walking in your neighborhood and acting suspicious, let them know you see them.
If a burglar knows you see them, they are unlikely to commit criminal activity in your area for fear of being caught.  
(Do not be confrontational. 
(If possible, take down vehicle plate and description of person/vehicle.)

  When leaving your home, look around to make sure no one is watching you leave.

KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS.  Have block parties or barbeques.  
Outdoor activities will help neighbors get to know each other.

If youre going to be away from home for an extended period of time you can always use the
police department to assist with VACATION WATCH. 
Officers will check your property when time allows.   CALL 283-4811.

Never Park in an unlit area, no matter how convenient it is.

  Dont over burden yourself with packages.  (Dont buy more than you can carry!)

Always have your keys in hand when approaching your vehicle.

Always look through car windows before enter into the vehicle to assure no one is hiding in the back. 

Free trees for your property

The City of Des Moines is making it easier than ever for you to increase our urban tree canopy by planting trees on your property. As part of our annual Tiny Trees program, up to 5 FREE individual trees will be made available to city residents this spring, available for order at


Wedgewood Road concrete pavement restoration from E. 29th Street to E. 26th Street

For a complete list of all city street construction projects scheduled for 2018-2019, go to Street Programs.pdf

The 2018-2019 Street Improvement and Maintenance Program which includes work scheduled by the Engineering and Public Works Departments for the 2018-2019 construction season can be seen HERE.

This document is also available on the Citys web site:

Departments and Authorities Engineering
Street Improvement Projects
Lea Ann Vaughan   (515) 283-4931


I would like to inform all of you that the following Walgreens now have a box for you to drop off your unwanted medication or you can still come to police station do it as well.

901 Ankeny Blvd, in Ankeny, 24 hours
2545 E. Euclid Ave, in Des Moines, 24 hours
104 E. Euclid Ave, in Des Moines from 8am-10pm
4415 Douglas Ave, in Des Moines from 8am-10pm
3140 SE 14th St, in Des Moines, 24 hours
12753 University Ave, in Clive, 24 hours

Sgt. Doua Lor #4898
Asian Outreach Resource Officer
Neighborhood Base Services Delivery
Des Moines Police Department
25 E. 1st Street    Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Cell Phone (515) 971-0792



The Des Moines Public Works Department has released details for the operation of the Private Property Protection Program. This program will provide a subsidy payment for a property owner who makes plumbing upgrades to reduce the amount of drainage into the sanitary sewer. Full details of this program are now available online at

Alternatively for more information, please call the Des Moines Public Works Department
 at (515) 283-4950.

To see the City of Des Moines Activities CLICK HERE




We want you to join with your neighbors in supporting your neighborhood association. The officers and board of directors for DANA currently have vacancies that we would like to fill. Officer positions vacant are secretary to serve on the board of directors. Also, two board positions are vacant. The term of office is one year starting in January, but new officers and directors can be added at any time by special election at a bimonthly meeting of members. It is a volunteer job, and the time commitment is minimal. The primary duty of officers and directors is to attend monthly meetings of the board and bimonthly meetings of members. Meetings are informal. So please consider joining the DANA board of directors by volunteering to fill a vacancy. Please contact:

Joe Youngwirth, DANA President
3824 Lay St
Des Moines IA 50317
Or you can email

The 2020 DANA Calendar is HERE

The 2019 SCRUB Calendar is HERE



Smart911 is a free service used by public safety agencies across the country to enhance communication and response for their community. It can be used by 9-1-1 agencies to quickly send first responders to the location of an emergency with more information, by emergency management to better plan for and respond to disasters, and by municipalities to send emergency notifications to their citizens.  By creating a Safety Profile for your family, you are providing potentially life-saving information to public safety officials at the time when they need it most.
To view a Fact Sheet click HERE   to view a uses of sheet click HERE



As soon as spring FINALLY arrives and the frost is out of the ground to drive in the posts, there will be several Little Libraries in the Douglas Acres Neighborhood.  The libraries themselves are small weatherproof glass-front boxes on a post in front yards near the sidewalk.  Adults and children are encouraged to stop and take a book to read and/or put a book in it for someone else to read.  All exchanges are free and the goal is to provide free books to anyone to promote reading.

The locations of the DANA libraries are posted here and updated as new ones are put up:

2480 E. Douglas Ave

3944 E. 26th Street

4009 E. 23rd Street

Stover Heights Mobile Home Park

Shawnee at E 29th St

3330 E. Shawnee Ave.

Staves Methodist Church

Hilltop Apartments on
 E. Douglas ave.

Northeast Neighbors and Friends, a coalition of Neighborhood Associations in Northeast Des Moines (including DANA), has purchased additional Little Libraries and they can be found at the following locations: 

1519 York Street

Capitol Hill Christian Church 
3322 E. 25th Street)  

4300 NE Arthur

3101 E 43rd St

2822 E 29th Street 

 3607 block of Park Side Drive
cul-de-sac in the south edge of Brook Run Park)

1532 Hull Ave by Luther Park

112 E. Washington Ave

Sheridan Gardens

E. 8th & Seneca

1629 E 24th St

This is a new developing program so if you would like to donate to enable more Little Libraries and/or have one in your yard contact one of the board members. If you are a handy woodworker who would like to build these Libraries we do have blueprint plans available.


The Emerald Ash Borer is Coming

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is coming to Central Iowa and has been spotted as close as the Newton area. EAB kills all Ash trees and is considered the most destructive tree pest ever seen in North America. There are quite a few Ash trees in the Douglas Acres neighborhood, both on  City property and in private yards. The City has begun the process of identifying which trees need to be removed from City property and have actually removed some of them this Spring. The City intends to notify the homeowner  at least 3 days before removal. Once the tree has been cut down, another contractor will return at a later date and take out the remaining stump If you have an Ash tree on  the City parking in front of your home and it is cut down, you can request that another tree be planted by  the City.

For more information, go to the City website ( ) and look  for the Emerald Ash Borer link  in the   Quick Links section on the left side of the webpage.  When you visit that website, you can read the City of Des Moines Emerald Ash Borer   Management Plan and find links to a variety of resources regarding this topic.

Most people agree that trees increase our property value and if you want to save your Ash tree, treatment options are available. You can learn more at the website above.


Getting Green 

Whether you want to attract butterflies and birds, enjoy a splash of color, put together a fragrant bouquet, or eat something you tend yourself, you'll find plenty of support for growing plants inside or outside. Libraries, Google, local classes, and university extension services make it easy to find information, if you want more than what you find for plants on sale in stores or online. 

If you're concerned about watering plants, think "native prairie" as these plants tolerate drought and heat while also providing color and food for butterflies, bees, and birds. Bee population is down, so supporting our local pollinators with prairie plants or old favorites like zinnias and cosmos will help fresh produce in the future. 

Plants that attract winged creatures also can provide you with a beautiful bouquet or even something to eat yourself. Consider a row of sunflowers that can feed both birds and humans, as well as provide a cheery treat of flowers to cut or to enjoy outside. 

If you have the space for some large plants in containers or in your yard, consider growing other foods that can be enjoyed by both humans and wildlife, such as berries - ranging from strawberries and blueberries to aronia berries and carefree elderberries. An amazing range of plants hardy for our local zones (3 or 4) are available now, and plant sales staff both online and in stores will be happy to introduce you to options. or maybe ask your neighbors in the DANA area for insights if you see intriguing plants in local yards you may receive a gift of cuttings, bulbs, or seeds and make some new friends in the process.   :)

Congratulations Douglas Acres Neighborhood Association

Douglas Acres Neighborhood Association was selected by the East Des Moines Chamber as neighborhood of the year by the chamber. This year the association will be honored during the Celebration of Progress event held on September 13, 2012. The East Des Moines Chamber's Celebration of Progress is an event held to raise funds for scholarships for East High School, North High School, and Grand View University. The location of the event will be the recently opened Bright Grandview Clubhouse located at Grandview Golf course. The Association will be given four tickets and we will purchase additional tickets for neighbors who would like to attend.

Thanks to everyone for making this such a great place to live, work, and play.




In the seasons of bad weather and poor road conditions find out the road conditions, read those electronic highway signs, and see what the roadside cameras see - CLICK HERE.



(general meetings are open to all neighborhood residents and are held at

Staves United Methodist Church at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted)


2020 Year-At-A-Glance Calendar Here

****** DANA NEWS ******


      Please consider joining D.A.N.A. if you are not already a member.  To find out if you are in the Douglas Acres neighborhood CLICK HERE.  This organized association gives our neighborhood a voice with the city and a way for neighbors to meet and get to know each other.  Remember to renew your membership if you are a member. The cost is $5.00, and the money that we collect covers part of the cost of printing and mailing the newsletter and keeping this website going. 
You can 
CLICK HERE  and print out the membership form.


In an effort to save a bit of money on postage costs, D.A.N.A. is proposing to distribute the bi-monthly newsletter and other information via email.  This website will continue to carry all the newsletters in .pdf format, available for download in the left column.  If you would be willing to receive the newsletter by email instead of by postal mail, please send your name, mailing address, and email address to:  
Please type dana email in the subject line.

This website will continue to be continuously updated, daily, if necessary, so check back often to stay in touch.  This is a neighborhood website and everyone in the neighborhood has an input to it.  If you have something for the website send it to the association president,  or 

Boundaries for Douglas Acres Neighborhood Association are city limits to the North, the Freeway to the West, Euclid Ave. to the South, and Four Mile Creek to the East.
At our January meeting the members elected officers
 and board of directors.  Elected for 2017:
President                       Joe Youngwirth
            Vice President                           Dean Brown                   
Treasurer                         Phyllis Kellogg 
Director                             Betty Short
Director                        Margaret Heger
Director                                Walt Foley
Director                             Mark Nordin
Newsletter Publisher              Dick Schultz
We welcome our new board members and thank those who are serving another term.    
Have you been to Sargent Park lately?  If not you should stop by and see the wonderful new play area.  It is wonderful.
Important Info From The Chairperson:

As the new president of DANA I wish to say hello to everyone and welcome any recent arrivals to our little gem of a neighborhood. I have lived in the neighborhood since 1992 and have been part of the DANA board for many years. I would encourage you to attend our meetings and invite your neighbors to do the same. As a group our voices can carry more clout for the continual improvement and benefit of the neighborhood. Hope to meet you soon.

DANA president,

Joe Youngwirth

You can contact Joe at  

The City of Des Moines has developed a plan and Douglas Acres has approved it for improving the neighborhood

To See The Neighborhood Plan (large file in .pdf format)  CLICK HERE


Douglas Acres has a police officer assigned to our neighborhood to address law enforcement issues. Officer Doua Lor can be called any time assistance.  If a law enforcement issue comes up you can call him at the number on the card below or call non-emergency dispatch number at 515-283-4811
or if it is an emergency then call 9-1-1.

To see a city map of the NBSD areas and assigned officers click HERE

To view the 2014 Police Department Annual Report click HERE

For questions or needs concerning housing inspection (including condemned buildings), junk and debris (including autos), and health and zoning code enforcement we have inspector Jim Nelson assigned to our neighborhood.  He can be contacted at 515-283-4197 or by email at





Neighborhood Finance Corporation
Remember, we have Neighborhood Financing available in our neighborhood.  Grants of up to $10,000 are available to purchase a home or for updating your existing home.  NFC would love to talk to you, their phone number is  515-246-0010 or on the web at .



D.A.N.A. is selling  an 8 x 11 inch version of the picture of Adams School taken by Neal Westergaard that is displayed here. The cost is $5.00. To order, please call 453-7339.


Chairman's Comments


September 2005

November 2006

To Contact The President Send Email To:

Meeting Minutes
January 2006 General Meeting

March 2006 General Meeting

May 2006 General Meeting

January 2007 General Meeting

November 2008 General Meeting

January 2009 General Meeting

September 2009 General Meeting

November 2010 General Meeting

March 2011 General Meeting

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  Local Radar
  Detailed Forecast

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DOT has put up cameras on the freeway and interstate and has allowed us to see them
 CLICK HERE to pick your camera.

Before you head out this winter, get the current road conditions.

CLICK HERE for a link to about anywhere in the community you would want to go

Have you ever wondered if you had money coming back from an old bank account or insurance policy or whatever????
CLICK HERE to find out!

Consumer Advisory Page
Tips From Attorney General Tom Miller

The National Sheriff's Association has established a national neighborhood watch program.  CLICK HERE to go to the website.

To See The Metro's Most Wanted

The US Dept of Health and Human Services is providing a wealth of family information with links to every conceivable need.

 For those of you that like to follow what your Iowa legislature is doing CLICK HERE to track bills and contact your legislator.


          DANA was honored with the first ever "Neighborhood of the Year" award given by the East Des Moines Chamber of Commerce. We were recognized for all of the work we have done to establish the Association, for our increased membership and for our effective representation of the neighborhood in city matters. The award is on display at the East Euclid HyVee.


 Des Moines Community Gardening Coalition is a program of the Des Moines Park and Recreation Department, that supports grass-roots community greening projects by working with neighborhood associations giving them the training and resources necessary to build sustainable community greening projects that educate people, beautify communities, increase food security, improve nutritional health, and build relationships among people.




     Des Moines Area Community College is offering a series of classes on management skills for persons serving nonprofit service agencies. A Neighborhood Resident Leadership Certificate is awarded upon completion of the required number of classes. For more information, call Des Moines Neighbors at 280-1807.


Graffiti Hurts - Care for Your Community is a grassroots community education program. It was developed in 1996 by Keep America Beautiful, Inc. The Graffiti Hurts Program also helps communities initiate local graffiti prevention activities, and educates youth and adults about the impact of graffiti vandalism. To do this, the Graffiti Hurts web site contains all the tools communities need to begin graffiti education, prevention, and clean-up. Individuals and communities can also order a Graffiti Hurts video and poster. 
Learn to recognize the signs that your child may be getting involved with a gang,
 CLICK HERE to download a .pdf file of the signs to look for.  
to go to the US Dept of Justice website
page on community safety.



Police Department info (Non-Emergency Number)    283-4811

Neighborhood Resource Officer - Larry Rogers    237-1517

Action Center (junk cars, weeds, etc.)   283-4500

Des Moines Public Works    24-hour hotline     283-4950


METRO WASTE AUTHORITY INFO The metro Recycling Center is located at 1817 Euclid Avenue. They accept all items normally picked up with the green recycling bins (cardboard, plastic, glass, etc) as well as scrap tire, wood and metal. 
                 Hours: Sunday & Monday: CLOSED
                             Tuesday - Friday: 2:00-6:00 p.m.

Phone: 262-4040

The Hazardous Materials Disposal Center is located at 225 Prairie Drive in Bondurant. They are open Tuesday Friday from 1-5 p.m. and on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month from 8:00 a.m. to noon. Call 967-5512 for more information, including their mobile pickup service.

Should you need to request services from the city public works, such as garbage collection, recycle collection, yard waste, etc, you can now do that online at:

Anyone who wants their business listed on the Neighborhood Connection page be sure to send their info/logo/business card or text of the business to .

This could be anything from lawn mowing and baby sitting to running third world countries.

Residential Tax Abatement in Des Moines

Tax abatement is a temporary reduction in property taxes for the actual value added to a residential property due to a qualified improvement. Qualified improvements are new construction, rehabilitation, and additions that meet the following requirements

   Increase the assessed value by at least 5%

   Conform with the citys zoning ordinance

   Meet applicable codes and regulations

A building permit is needed for most improvements that increase your value. Contact the Permit & Development Center at 283-4200 to find out if a permit is needed.

To get an abatement for an improvement made in 2009 the property owner must file an application with the city by February 1, 2010. The form is available online at:

For more information, contact Phil Poorman at the Permit & Development Center by calling 283-4751 or emailing

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